Unfortunately, food in Pundaquit and even in San Antonio is expensive.

To live cheaper, once a week we went to San Antonio to make shopping on a main market and adjacent grocery shops.

For a tricycle ride for 2 people we paid 50 PHP one way.

The best time to go there is Market Day which is on Tuesdays and Fridays during morning time from 6am to 12:00 noon. During Market Days there are many more vendors who have their stalls at the market building. In this way you can buy many products much cheaper like fruits and vegetables.

For example, for rice you must pay 34 PHP per kg, while the same kind of rice in Metro Manila my girlfriend has for 32 PHP. In Pundaquit for the same rice you would have to pay 38 pesos.

The meat in the market has similar price like in Metro Manila.

Other products you can buy in the grocery shops close to the market. For Coca-Cola 1.5 ml you must pay 38 PHP; for cheese Eden 450 grams you pay 108 pesos.

So prices in grocery shops are meaningfully higher than in Metro Manila.

When we were in Pundaquit, there was no Internet cafe there, so San Antonio is the place where you can use Internet. The Internet cafe is close to the market; in the same building you can buy groceries. You just get up by spiral stairs on the first floor where there is a loggia. You go farther and then turn left to see the Internet cafe. You pay 15 PHP/hour, 8 PHP/30 mins. Sometimes the cafe can be full and you must go later, e.g. after shopping.

In San Antonio we found 2 confectionery shops. One is close to the market, but much better one is at the main road. From the market place you must go main road toward Olongapo (Manila) maybe for 5 mins and on the right side you will see Mr. Baker shop. My favourite cake was “black forest”, much much better than a cake bought in the first confectionery. Unfortunately, often your favourite cake can be not available so you must make an order earlier.

3 fish on a plate

Fish you can buy in Pundaquit when fishermen come back from 9am to 10am. You pay for fish per 1 kg from 100 PHP to 180 PHP so it is cheaper than in Metro Manila for the same kind of fish. In this way you can enjoy to have fresh fish.

As regards bananas, we could buy in a good price – 30 PHP/kg from one vendor on a tricycle. He sold in Pundaquit every other day offering better price than in San Antonio. Well, you must catch him when he is in Pundaquit. It was often at 11:30am.