farther coves

Please zoom in to see the names of coves

Looking at the land from the left - the first visible entrance is to Anawangin Cove then moving right there are entrances to Talisayan Cove and Nagsasa Cove.

The view is from Capones Island.

On the south from Anawangin Cove, there are other worth seeing coves:

  • Talisayan Cove (Talisay Bay),
  • Nagsasa Cove (Nagsaza Bay) and
  • Silanguin Cove (Silaguin Bay).

Unfortunately, we had too small budget to visit them. Talisayan Cove is ,unfortunately, a private area.

More popular is Nagsasa Cove. Comparing to developed Anawangin Cove, is much less visited by tourists. It's interesting to visit the next cove also – Silanguin Cove. You should pay 1500 PHP for 2 people to get to Nagsasa Cove and back.

Talisayan Cove (Talisayen Cove, Talisay Bay)

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