Capones Island & Lighthouse

As I described on the page about Camara Island, my trip started from visiting Camara firstly to spend the rest of available time on Capones Island.

So we headed for a good place to reach a coast on Capones Island.

On the picture beside, you can see Camara Island on the right side and Capones Island on the left side. Picture was taken from the view point a little south from Pundaquit.

Our boatman chose the first beach on the southern part of the island. It was a really nice place with great views but unfortunately far from the lighthouse.

On the picture beside you can see the beach we stopped (this first on the right). Farther, behind Capones Island, you can see 2 parts of Camara Island.

The lighthouse on Capones Island is a must see attraction, so what we did, we set off quickly to the lighthouse. The best way to get there is to go along the beach and to pass through small rocky area which separate this beach from the next one. Then you go along that second beach and finally pass to the northern part of the island.

On the picture beside, there is northern part of the island with a beach (on the right side) and a coast with rocks farther.

Then you should continue to go west along a coast. That way is stony. Then on a big rock, you will see an arrow informing you to turn left to a jungle track. This track goes up through a nice jungle.

On the end of that way, you will see a building in a state of ruin. In one of its rooms there are stairs up to the top of the lighthouse.

The view around is really good.

On the background - the jungle which we went through to get here.

The lighthouse is on the west end of the island. Looking on east you will see the rest of Capones Island and coves of mainland which are situated south from Pundaquit.

Looking on west you will see the open sea. You can call it Luzon Sea or South China Sea.

After finishing our lighthouse visitation, we tried to come back to „our beach” going along the southern coast of the island. Unfortunately, we could see that it is not possible to find a way to the bangka from that side of the island, so we must have come back to the lighthouse again.

The view around on western part of Capones Island

Thus, we had a return from the lighthouse by the same way through the jungle.

After our trip to the lighthouse, we have a rest on the beach where there was our bangka. We could find out that it was the best place for snorkelling, we could encounter during our stay in Pundaquit.

In the background of the picture, moving from the left side to the right, we can see a part of Camara Island, Pundaquit area, then mountainous part of the mainland: Agnain Cove (hidden behind the higher area of Capones Island) and entrance to Anawangin Cove.

As always the bangka must have come back before darkness.

I cannot imagine Pundaquit without those 2 islands.

Things to remember:

When you use a small bangka service, please do not forget to protect well against water your gadgets (like your camera). It is really easy to get wet on such a bangka.

Please, do not forget to take with you enough food and especially water. Going to the lighthouse makes you really thirsty for sure. A boatman can expect treatment from you too.