Anawangin Cove

On the south from Pundaquit, there are many picturesque coves. Most well-known close to Pundaquit is Anawangin Cove (in Calaguaguin Bay).

You can find out about farther coves like Talisayan Cove too.

To get to Anawangin Cove tourists usually take a bangka boat what we did. We took an offer from our room's owner who possessed a big bangka - Josie Gonzales's boats' trip offer. We paid for 2 ways transportation 500 PHP for both of us. Although Anawangin Cove is most developed amongst other coves close to Pundaquit, you should not forget to take enough food and water with you.

Good trekkers can get to Anawangin by foot too, but this is many hours of going. You should think to have a guide also.

The northern part of the beach is developed and guarded. There is a campsite in that place. To enter that area, you must pay a fee of 50 PHP per head. Of course, all area close to the shore is available for free.

As being invited by the owner of the bangka, we could cross the fence, which goes along the beach, to sit down a little farther.

In the southern part of the beach a stream flows out to the sea.

If you want to get to a nearest good view point, you must just firstly go to the southern end of the beach.

Of course, this place is good for swimming, and water is shallow. If you like snorkelling, you must go to the one of the ends of the beach. Maybe it's not the best place for snorkelling in Pundaquit, but you can be satisfied too.

On the picture the beach seen from the nearest viewpoint.

If you get behind the fence, you can sit in shadow of trees or on one of benches there with tables.

Farther, there is a river situated along the beach. The water there is very shallow and good for children who can play there.

There are many Agoho trees in Anawangin which resemble pine trees.

It is worth to have a short trip inside the forest just following the river.

From the southern end of the beach you can get to the nearest good view point.

The beauty of Pundaquit coves like Anawangin comes from the fact they are situated among mountains.

From the view point you can see another beach which was completely deserted when we looked at it.

A video from this view point.

It is good to spend whole day in Anawangin and come back during sunset.

On the picture - Pundaquit seen from the bangka.