On the map above – Barangay Pundaquit

There are many resorts and other kind of accomodation in Pundaquit. You can use tripadvisor for informations.

If you can stay for longer time in Pundaquit (we could stay there from 17th Dec 2010 to 1st Feb 2011), you can rent a room much cheaper paying monthly. Thus you will pay money for the owner for an accommodation and for electricity, gas, water.

We found an accommodation at nanay Josie Gonzales. She rented to us one room with a bathroom. We asked for a big fan, because we did not like to use too much electricity for an air conditioner. Our meals we ate outside on the yard covered by a roof.

The owner lives in the house opposite. Nanay has a small grocery shop, a big bangka and a tricycle. In this way, we could fix many things with her like having a trip to Anawangin Cove or getting to San Antonio Town .

You should not have a problem to find her house; if you go from San Antonio by the main street there, the house of Nanay with her shop is on your right side, then there is a way to the beach. Farther on the right, there is Pearl Island Beach Resort (it was on sale during our stay in Pundaquit).

For more details about Josie Gonzales offer, please visit a webpage:

Pundaquit - resorts, hotels, rooms


As a souvenir from Josie Gonzales I received a T-Shirt. On the T-shirt, there is a picture of Capones and Camara Island visible from the Pundaquit beach during sunset. I think it is a good representation what is distinctive here - two islands which you cannot overlook here and a romantic time of sunset.