I spent with my girlfriend almost 6 months in the Philippines. 6 weeks and a half of that time we spent in Pundaquit. We set off to Pundaquit on 17th December 2010 yr when my gf's 7yo daughter had holidays. On 2nd January 2011 our baby needed to come back home to continue her education. Then my gf came back to Pundaquit alone, and we stayed here till 1st February 2011 yr. It was a good time for being in Pundaquit because the weather usually was good and it was still before peak season. During late evening sometimes it was really cold there comparing to typical temperatures in the Philippines; well, it was winter. In our situation, I think, Pundaquit was a really good choice because it is not so far from Metro Manila (where we lived), it is not expensive place with many Filipino visitors and of course this place is really worth to visit. We had a beach there very close to our house, we could climb near mountains, we could take a bangka to a beautiful cove or to nearest islands. It was quite interesting to go north along a beach too. Our baby was happy also, e.g. playing with waves (of course in the shallow water and under constant keeping eye on her). My girlfriend made friends with the owner of our room and girls who played volleyball with her. In this way, I can say that Pundaquit was a good choice for us.

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