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If you are in Metro Manila and you plan to go for a holiday but your budget is limited, it is worth to consider one of the closest places north from the metropoly where you can have a good time – Pundaquit (Pundakit). From the terminal of Southern Caloocan it will takes you more or less 5 hours to get to Pundaquit.

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Pundaquit Beach lies in a picturesque place. When you look at the sea, you can see Camara Island and Capones Island .

On the left (south) you can see a cape which closes the beach.

You can climb this cape to have a great view.

if you like mountain trecking, you can go up farther till you will see the next bay – Agnain Cove (Agnaem Cove).

From the land this place is closed by mountains.

From Pundaquit you can take a bangka to Camara Island (consisting of two islands connected by a sandbar) and Capones Island with the lighthouse. From the beach of Capones Island you can have a great snorkelling.

On the picture here you can see closer Camara Island with the sandbar a little visible and farther Eastern and Western part of Capones Island.

Another interesting destination close to Pundaquit is Anawangin Cove. You can get there by a bangka, and then climb to the nearest view point. You can snorkel there too.

If you are interesting to take a bangka for farther trip, consider going to Nagsasa Cove or Silanguin Cove.